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Post Processing & Delivery

Every photographer has a unique way of editing and delivering their client's photos. To help clear things up, here’s how I handle post processing.

Laptop being used to edit photo of female in red dress.

Image Editing Levels

My post processing levels:


Basic Global Edits

Detailed Retouching


Or straight out the camera. Even this level has somewhat of post processing procedure. Since I shoot in a format called RAW, which allows me to manipulate a lot more of the image in post processing, I have to convert the RAW file into a more universal compatible format. It’s a solid look, but could use some love. Cameras nowadays are incredibly intelligent, and because of that, photographers rely on some automatic features to allow them to focus on capturing great content and not worry so much about being technically perfect. I’m personally very OCD and type-A, so I try to get it as close to 100% right in-camera as possible because that means less time with post processing. Two minutes spent moving a stick or stray piece of hair during the session saves at least 10 minutes at my desk trying to remove it in Photoshop. These images are a little flat, lack vibrance and are essentially the starting point for a photographer.

Basic Global Edits

Almost any edit can be done globally, but the most important ones are the ones we make at the beginning of our workflow. This is where I make changes to: White Balance, Exposure, Contrast, Color Toning, Shadow & Highlight Adjustment, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, and straightening horizon lines. These adjustments are for the entire image as a whole. If there’s a garbage can, my light stand, or a stray giraffe in the background that’s distracting, I’ll remove it, but I won’t remove stray hairs, twigs & leaves, or do any detailed editing.

Detailed Retouching

This process requires me to utilize Photoshop and get specific. I’ll make local adjustments like bring in more sky detail, remove leaves and sticks from the ground, clean up the skin and fly-away hairs and perform localized color toning and exposure adjustments.

Delivery of Edited Images

This information is important when it relates to the delivery of your images. Depending on the package you book with me, you may only get images with Basic Global Edits or Detailed Retouching.

Majority of my packages include detailed retouching in the pricing. As you may also see, my branding packages include both Basic and Detailed Edits. This is to give you more flexibility when it comes to how you use your images as well as give you more deliverables for your investment.

All packages have a 3 - 10 business day turn around regardless of level of post processing, unless an expedited processing was requested.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact me directly! I’d be happy to explain further.

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