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Choosing A Perfect Location

The first step in determining the location is to consider the context of your vision, and whether the photo should ideally be taken indoors or outdoors. A fashion shoot in mid-April would make an excellent choice for an outdoor photograph, for example, while an engagement shoot in February may not be the best choice.

For outdoor location options, the first consideration is always the weather conditions at the time you chose for your session. If the weather is rainy and windy, for example, an outdoor location clearly won’t suffice and you will need to do an indoor photo shoot.

"It’s not About Perfect Location,

It’s About The Perfect Look and Feel."

The photoshoot context.

To decide good places for an outdoors photoshoot, first and foremost, you must ask if the location suits the style of your shoot? Will it compliment your wardrobe and add to your vision?

Consider the weather forecast.

Sometimes choosing good places for a photoshoot outdoors means finding somewhere that’s ideal for photographing in good and bad weather.

What time of day is the shoot?

You need to decide on the time of your shoot. This goes back to the point of shooting in full sun or shade. At midday the sun is overhead and generally this is the worst time of day to shoot outdoors as the light will be at its harshest and the shadows hard to control.

Variety in one place

Variety is essential when choosing the perfect photography location. I want to have the option to photograph completely different looks without having to pack up and travel elsewhere.

Prioritize photoshoot locations with flattering lighting

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by scheduling an outdoor photoshoot at a time of day when the light is most flattering. As a general rule, morning or early evening shoots provide the softest and warmest forms of natural lighting.

Find a location free from noise and distractions

Considering the fact a loud and busy area could disrupt and possibly cause you to feel uncomfortable. I always try to find a relatively quiet location with minimal foot traffic so you can focus on my directions and task at hand.

Location Styles

One of the questions I always ask my clients is, what kind of images they've seen that they've liked, and ask them why they like them? It's really important to have a dialogue with your photographer about what it is your aiming to achieve with the images you're having taken.

  • Ethereal: This can be an open field, nature park, or a bright location with little to no busyness in the background like buildings.

  • Nature/natural: Here we can find a park with lots of green grass and tall trees. Giving you a more natural feel to your photos. Like a field of sunflowers, when they're in full bloom.

  • High fashion/urban: This is accomplished in a busy neighborhood or downtown area with lots of big buildings, reflective windows, and metal accents. Giving lots of contrast to the photos and the look and feel of a busy city.

  • Vintage: This can mean either old architectural buildings with wooden doors and big arches or it can mean a location where there are lots of vintage accents, like a neighborhood of restored or historical homes.

  • Warm/homey: These words are a little broad but they can mean that the session can happen at a nice warm location like a field or during sunset at the beach. Homey can mean feeling comfortable and relaxed, which can mean a location you frequent or even your own home.

  • Beach: This one is pretty easy, sandy and lots of water. The time of day will give you the look and feel. The morning will give you a more blue and pink hue whereas during sunset you’ll get the beautiful golden hour lighting.

Female with red hair in park stretching, wearing pink yoga shorts and a white with pink logo
On Location Branding Session

When it comes to commercial photography, the aim may be less emotional, and more about the story you want to tell.

Behind every brand campaign I produce, I try to have a storyline to follow. People relate to stories above all else, so how amazing would it be if the images you're using to promote your brand actually had a narrative behind them? Coming up with a very clear storyline for your images is going to make it a million times easier for your photographer to understand your vision, and for your clients to connect with the images as well! So choose a location which reflects the story you're trying to tell; whatever that may be.

When it comes to picking a location for your branding shoot, not every place will work for your brand. Bear that in mind before you start planning your branding photography session! Here are some of my top tips for choosing a location that reflects your brand when planning your branding photography session.

  • Parks & Greenways Since I love natural light photography, parks and gardens are some of my favourite spots for photoshoots. They also tend to be quite versatile so I wanted to start with these. They work for every budget because they’re free! The only drawback is that they’re seasonal so can’t really be used during winter.

  • Beach The beach can set a very lovely background if it suits your style. If you’re going for a fun and easy-going mood.

  • City Neighborhoods City neighborhoods tend to have more of an urban, vibrant feel. These can work really well for a lot of different brand types. If you’d like something a little edgier, how about a wall mural? These have been popping up everywhere lately and can set a really fun backdrop to make your photos uniquely stand out.

  • Your Home or Backyard One of the easiest choices for your personal brand photoshoot is your very own home. It’s easy, won’t cost you extra and can work at any time of the year.

  • Your Studio/Office If you’re lucky enough to have your own office or any type of studio, this is a no-brainer. Particularly if you’re an artist, your studio can serve as a wonderful backdrop to tell your brand story. This is a great way to show some behind-the-scenes shots for your audience to get to know you better.

  • Photo/Content Studio Modern Studios can resemble fun upscale living rooms or offices. Some offer a variety of “scenes” in one big room so you’ll have many options. The cost to rent them is extra but can be well worth it if you can’t find any other suitable locations.

  • Cafes Some cafes have really nice decor that will compliment your brand. We can use simple props like your laptop, pen and notepad. Don't forget that cup of coffee or tea to really showcase your lifestyle.

  • Airbnb Depending on your brand and if your budget allows for it, you can always rent a Airbnb. There are several options available in Uptown Charlotte with access to skyline views if this is something of interest to you. Be sure to do your research and coordinate with me so we can create your perfect photo session.

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